Covid 19 - Catch it, bin it, kill it!

Written by Sam 20 days ago


Recruitment Panda are taking Corona Virus, Covid - 19 seriously. 

We reiterate details of the steps we are taking to act seriously in the interest of our phenomenal customers in health and social care and the people in their care. 


8 days ago Recruitment Panda released the following, which is updated here today: 


As a recruitment consultancy responsible for arranging hundreds of interview meetings for Health and Social Care professionals right across the country, we have heard about Corona Virus from lots of well-informed people. We have also eagerly worked to inform ourselves. 


The result is that we have been taking, and continue to take the following steps to protect our customers, the people in their care and our colleagues here. 


1. Education. This information is shared amongst our team and we are consulting on an ongoing basis with employers about their own specific policies and situations (so far so good!). 

2. Encouraging best practice Infection Control. 

  • Shared contact points including taps, door handles, table-tops, kettles, kitchen work surfaces etc are all being cleaned and disinfected here daily (on top of our weekly thorough clean by our lovely cleaners). 
  • Hand gels are available throughout our offices and communal areas. 
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it has become a catch-phrase in the office, we're on it. 
  • All toilet facilities have 'how-to' hand wash signage. This is the sort you see in care homes and hospitals (and are no doubt familiar with), but that you don't see in most commercial office environments or other public areas. 

3. A 'don't risk it' policy is in effect. Where members of our team have client meetings pending and arranged, we are postponing any which would involve a visit to a care facility where vulnerable people, those with weaker immune systems than a healthy adult, reside.

Other measures we are taking under this policy include: 

  • Wherever essential meetings are going ahead, we are arranging them off-site. 
  • All of our team are under strict instructions to disinfect their hands prior to their arrival at any meeting and at the conclusion (please don't take it personally if you witness this)! 
  • To practice catch it, bin it, kill it at all times. 


I urge all readers of this to take time to read the following leading guidance. 


as well as this leading guidance about Infection Control.  


Best wishes 




Sam Sanderson 

Managing Director 

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